Yamato recognizes the importance of authenticity and values the uniqueness of each customer. That's why our process designs, which cover picking, packing, shipping, returns management, and labeling, are tailored to offer optimal solutions for your business.

We provide a diverse range of fulfillment solutions for manufacturers, brokers, and retailers. Cross-docking is transforming the supply chain, a process gaining attention as customer expectations for faster deliveries increase, managing large inventory volumes becomes more complex, consumer demand fluctuates, and the need to streamline operations amidst logistics disruption grows.

With extensive experience in electronics warehousing and distribution, we can customize solutions to meet the rapidly growing demand. Our thorough analysis includes facility optimization, addressing operational, transportation, and inventory efficiency. Naturally, we scrutinize every aspect of your supply chain, always seeking ways to enhance its performance.

Case Studies


Summary :

YAMATO streamlines trading and receiving/shipping operations with advanced systems and mechanisms to reduce JST's total logistics costs, expand its U.S. operations, and improve convenience for end-users.

Backstory :

Due to the long transit time from overseas factories to the U.S., JST had warehouses at multiple U.S. locations, and they were performing trading and shipping operations with each in order to supply products to end-users on time. In addition to the challenge of improving asset efficiency at their own facilities, the burden of indirect logistics operations, such as dealing with overseas factories and logistics providers, was also increasing..

Solution :

Yamato developed a trading and inventory management system and introduced it to Yamato warehouses in the U.S. and exporting countries where overseas factories are located. The system systemized trading operations, warehousing, and inventory management, which had previously been handled by JST. As a result, JST was able to realize the goal of consolidating their U.S. warehouses, visualizing shipping information and arrival schedule information of imported cargo, and converting to offshore inventory operation. The Yamato LA warehouse was used as an import gateway to promote direct shipments to a centralized depot on the Mexican border, simplifying operations for the U.S. sales company and improving convenience for end users by reducing delivery lead time.

Results :

By simplifying trading and shipping operations and optimizing logistics, YAMATO has contributed to the enhancement of JST's corporate value by providing an environment that allows JST to focus on its core business of R&D, production, and sales.

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